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Angel Card Readings


Angel Inspired Market offers private Angel Card Readings by phone. These angelically guided readings are loving and positive naturally. Some find them entertaining, others seek guidance for everyday situations. All cards are positive in nature, yet very accurate in capturing past, current, and future events and feelings. They are ideal for helping the receiver to better understand their current situation and feel uplifted in their own personal decisions which is always under the control of their own free will.

Angel Card Readings allow you to receive clarification and guidance in a gentle, private, positive, and loving way. Readings can assist in all of life’s challenges such as Love, Career, Finances, Critical Decisions, etc.

To schedule a reading, please email and indicate which reading you’d like:

30 Minute Reading $40.00
60 Minute Reading $75.00
90 Minute Reading $100.00

Each reading will have an additional 15 minutes added at no charge to the start of the call. This will allow for energy alignment and a clearing meditation which will set the stage for an engaging reading.

Preparation recommendations:
Allow yourself to be in a quiet, uninterrupted area. Prior to the call, focus on your question, concern, or request. An open mind and heart will ensure a beautiful reading and experience.